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Embrace playful learning through games

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About Us.

Founded in May 2023, Tiny Comet is an innovative game studio dedicated to creating history based games specifically designed for school-aged players. At the heart of our games lies the perfect blend of entertainment and learning, ensuring an engaging and enriching experience for players.

Every week, children ages 8-12 in the United States spend up to 40 hours watching or using screens.

We see this not just as leisure time but as a powerful opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives. As a passionate game studio, our unique mission revolves around harnessing this substantial investment of time and energy and turning it into an enjoyable and purposeful experience. We believe that gaming can be a transformative medium, offering players the chance to learn, grow, and experience meaningful stories that resonate deeply with their lives.

We are committed to balancing financial success with social impact. Our investors share this vision, recognizing that the gaming industry has the potential to do more than just generate revenue; it can serve as a catalyst for positive change.

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Our Approach.

Founded by two passionate mothers, Tiny Comet is a visionary company. Our inspiration comes from the desire to revolutionize education and make learning an enjoyable experience for all, including for our own children. We are committed to creating a meaningful impact for future generations and bring a new dimension to educational gaming.

Talent and experience

We combine the best talent and experience from Roblox, Gaming and Education by tapping into a wealth of creativity, innovation, and unique problem-solving approaches. This enables us to thrive in the competitive gaming market.

Embrace playful learning
Small team

We believe that play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. We value the idea that when we approach learning with a playful mindset, it becomes engaging, exciting, and more effective.

Embracing the small team approach allows us to leverage individual strengths, build strong relationships, and maintain a shared sense of purpose.

This is why Tiny Comet aims to maintain a compact and dedicated team.

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